Feeling Stuck

with your songwriting?

Our Block Busters Spring Immersive is a 4-week series designed to break you out
of a creative rut and jumpstart
long-lasting momentum
in your songwriting practice.

It’s all about


to help you notice your patterns, so you can break them


to cheer you on and keep you accountable


to get you out of your head and thinking creatively

4 Songs x 4 Weeks

Each Week:

– We will give you a writing challenge with a musical restriction and a lyrical prompt.

– We’ll gather online to share our new songs and cheer each other on.

– We’ll teach you a new writing technique to keep you growing and inspired.

– We’ll help you to self-assess and set healthy and achievable creative goals.

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And jumpstart your writing!

May 22 – Welcome Party @ 2pm EDT (60min)
May 29 + June 5, 12, 19 @ 2pm EDT (90 min)

Coaching Bonus to follow at 4pm EDT (75 min)

Basic Enrollment

– 4 fun, new writing challenges
– Support of Allie & Bess
– Find growth in consistency


Basic Enrollment
+ Coaching Bonus

– All of the basic PLUS
– Dedicated constructive feedback


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get you unblocked?

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